Sweet smarts - Speciality cakes and desserts
                    Photo Gallery
Firemens Jacket Birthday Cake                                                      Baby Shower Cake
Cyclist Grooms Cake
                                Present Birthday Cake
Barbie Birthday Cake
                                Thanksgiving Cake
 Cat Lovers Birthday Cupcakes                    
                                                                                                   Record Player Birthday Cake
Hand Birthday Cake                                     
Little Golden Book Birthday Cake                                                   Side View
                                                                                                    Hippy Birthday Cake
Lightening McQueen Birthday Cake
Frozen Birthday Cake                                                                    Frozen Birthday Cake
Frozen Birthday Cake                                                                    Olaf Birthday Cake
Frozen Birthday Cake                                                                    Keep Calm Birthday Cake
Wedding Cake                                                                               21st Birthday Cake
Frozen Cake                                                                      TMNT Cake and Cupcakes
Hello Kitty Birthday Cake                                                               Horse Themed 16th Birthday Cake
Medical Birthday Cake                                                                   Dr. Coat Birthday Cake
1st Birthday Beach Cake                                                               Avengers Birthday Cake
                                Harry Potter Birthday Cake
Tree Wedding Cake
                              Little Mermaid Birthday Cake
Channel Birthday Cake
Michaell Kors Birthday Cake                                                          Nautical Baby Shower Cake
Avengers Cake
                                21st Birthday Cake
Little Mermaid Birthday Cake
                               Cookie Monster Birthday Cake
Baking Birthday CakeThemed                                                          Dessert Table
                                Candy Buffet
Cupcake Decorating Station
Commander Cake
                                Sweet Sixteen Cake
Diesel Cartel Baby Shower Cake
                                Frozen Birthday Cake
Lit Up
                                Princess and the Frog Birthday Cake
Universal Themed Cake    
Jake & the Neverland Pirates Birthday Cake                                    Smash Cake
                                Cake Pops
Baby Shower Cake
Little Man's Birthday Cake& Cupcakes                                            Hello Kitty Cookie Favors
Frozen Birthday Cake                                                                      Pillars Lit Up
Dance Recital/Graduation Cake                                                         Edible Ballet Slippers
Communion Cake                                                                          Matching Cookie Favors
                                  Award Winning Cake
Birthday Cake
                                                                                                   Sorority Birthday Cake
Best Wishes Cake
Baptism Cake                                                                               Matching Cupcakes
Ahoy! Its a boy! Baby Shower Cake
New York Yankees Birthday Cake
                                      Birthday Cake
                                                                                                    Browning Buck Birthday Cake
Spicy Jamaican Beef Patty Cake
Swamp Cake
                                Oreo Cake
                         Cowboys and Indians 1st Birthday Cake and Smash Cake
Dr. Seuss 1st Birthday Cake                                               
                                Smash Cake
                                                                                                   Star Wars Cake
Mens Birthday Cakes
Gender Reveal Cake
                                Nike Shoe Cake
Dessert Table                                                                                       Cupcakes
                                                                                                           Cake Pops
Jake and the Neverland Pirates Cake
                                                                                                   Wedding Cake
Birthday Cake
Basketball Cake
                                Birthday Cake
Bridal Booty Cake                                                                         Skylanders Birthday Cake
Minecraft Birthday Cake                                                                 Spa Themed Birthday Cake
Christmas Cake
                                1st Birthday Sheriff Badge Cake
1st Birthday Princess Cake & Smash Cake                                          Matching Cookie Pops
Care Bears Cake                                                                           Present Birthday Cake
Pirate Themed Birthday Cake                                                            Petal Birthday Cake
                   Dr. Seuss Birthday Cake and Smash Cake
Cinderella Sweet Sixteen Cake
                               "Glass" Slipper made from Gelatin
Christening Cake                                                                           Nail Tech Birthday Cake
                                                                                                         Cookie Brownies
Batman Birthday Cake
                                               Monster Truck Birthday Cake With Matching Cake Pops
                                                         Monster High Cake With Matching Cake Pops
                                                                                                          Edible Baby Mickey
Baby Mickey on a Pillow Baby Shower Cake
Rosette Cake                                                                                50th Birthday Cake
Princess Birthday Cake
                                Handmade Edible Crown
 Diaper Bag Center Piece for a Baby Shower                                 Teacher's Birthday Cake
                                                                                                    23rd Birthday Cake
23rd Birthday CakeBaby Belly Cake     
Baby Belly Baby Shower Cake                                                                                             
                                                                                                    Transformer Birthday Cake
Transformer Birthday Cake
Rubber Duck Cookies
Rubber Duck Gender Reveal Cookies
                                                                                                   Gender Reveal Cake
Gender Reveal Cake
Teacher's Birthday Cake
Teachers Birthday Cake
                                                                                                   High Heel Shoe Birthday Cake
Shoe CakeJohn Deere 1st Birthday Cake & Smash Cake
John Deere 1st Birthday Cake
Donut Cookies                                                                         La Dee Da Birthday Cake
La Dee Da Birthday CakeDonut Cookies
Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Cake,Smash Cake & Cookies
Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Cake
                    Bow Cookie Favors
Minnie Mouse Bow Cookies
                                                                       Cookie Trays
Cookie Trays
Fall Cupcakes                                                                              Umizoomi Birthday Cake
Team Umizoomi Birthday CakeFall Cupcakes
Nurse's Birthday Cake                                                                  Hello KItty Birthday Cake
Hello Kitty Birthday CakeNurses Birthday Cake
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Cake                                         Assassian's Creed Birthday Cake
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday CakeAssassin's Creed Birthday Cake
1st Birthday Monster Cakes                                                           Dr. Coat Cake
Dr. Coat Cake1st Birthday Monster Cakes
Abby Caddaby Birthday Cake
Abby Cadabby Birthday Cake
                                           Handmade Gumpaste Figure
Abby Cadabby Gumpaste Figure
Lion King Baby Shower Cake
Lion King Baby Shower Cake
                                Sophisticated Smores
                                Top View
Baby Shower Cake
Cooalo Jacana Themed Baby Shower Cake
Baby Shower
Edible Wedding Dress Centerpiece
Wedding Dress Centerpiece                                      
                                               Hand Painted Sugar Cookies
Heart Cookies
                                                          Cupcake Tower
Bridal Shower Display
Bridal Shower Dessert Table
Bridal Shower Display
                      Teachers Retirement Cake
Teachers Retirement Cake
Fondant Apple And Pencil
Teachers Retirement Cake
Shark Birthday Cake
Shark Birthday Cake
                                Edible Shark
Edible Shark
Owl Graduation Cake
Graduation Cake                                    Edible Owl
Edible Owl
                                                Quinceanera Cake With 150 Mini Cupcakes
                                                          Sofia The First Cookie Favors
DSC 0427
DSC 0435
                                                   Gators Graduation Cake With Cupcake Favors
DSC 0392
Guitar Birthday Cake                                                                                   Anniversary Cake
                                                                                                   Baby Shower Cake
Teachers Appreciation Day Apple Cupcakes
Fiesta Cake
DSC 0335
DSC 0334
DSC 0350
Gators Graduation Cake                                                                                  Birthday Cake
DSC 0314
Anniversary Cake

                                       Coconut Bomb Cake

Wedding Cake                                                                                               View from the top
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Gumpaste Peony
DSC 0238
                                                                                                                                                                   Lilo & Stitch Birthday Cake
                                Hibiscus Flower Sugar Cookies
DSC 0219                                                                                                
Surfboard Birthday Cake                                                                View from the top
DSC 0167DSC 0161
                                                                                                            Rosette Birthday Cake
Monster Themed 1st Birthday Cakes
DSC 0157
Beachy Bridal Shower Cake

                                                  C + R Written in the "Sand"
Lion King Baby Shower Cake
                                Simba was made out of gumpaste
DSC 0017
Snow White 2nd Birthday Cake

                                Snow white and dwarfs were hand painted
DSC 0008
60th Birthday Cake                                                                     Fondant Flowers
DSC 0845DSC 0841
                                                                                                                     Gumpaste Shoe
21st Birthday Cake
DSC 0828
Holiday Party Cake                                                                          Birthday Cake
Thanksgiving Cake                                                                                  Edible Turkey Cake Topper
Thanksgiving Cupcakes                                                             Ocean Themed Birthday Cake
DSC 0801
Thanksgiving Cupcakes
DSC 0798
 Inside of the ocean cake                                                 Giraffe Baby Shower Cake
46402 10151145888650163 41813588 n                                                                                   
Barnyard Birthday Cake                                                                 View from the top
Halloween Cake
                       Tea Party Bridal Shower Cake
Baby Shower/ Birthday Cake                                                         Cake Topper
DSC 0546
                                                                                                             Wedding Cake
Gumpaste Flowers
DSC 0561
Atlas Shrugged Cake                                                                    Top View of Train Tracks
                                                                                               Baby Shower Cake
Fondant Baby
DSC 0526
Dr. Seuss Birthday Cake                                                      1st Birthday Cat in the Hat Cake & Smash Cake
DSC 0368DSC 0479
Fire Rescue Squad Cake

                       Joint Party Monkey Birthday Cakes
DSC 0409
                                                                                                   Dora the Explorer Birthday Cake
Birthday Cupcakes
DSC 0427
Angry Birds Birthday Cake
DSC 0213
                        Incredible Hulk Birthday Cake

Flower Birthday Cake

                    Seashell Wedding Cake
Baby Belly Baby Shower Cake
                                Anniversary Cake

Baby Shower Cake
DSC 0999
                      Fisher Price Baby Shower Cake

Baby Shower "Onesie" Cookies
DSC 0091
Girl Fisher Price Baby Shower Cake

                        Butterfly Baby Shower Cake

Baby Shower Cake Pops                                                           Baby Shower Chocolate Covered Oreos
DSC 0345DSC 0355
Miami Heat Birthday Cake                                                             Miami Heat Cake Pops
Barbie Birthday Cake                                                                    Graduation Cake
DSC 0239
Graduation Cupcakes
DSC 0114
                     Pirate Birthday Cake

Wedding Cake

                        Easter Birthday Cake
DSC 0993
Bachelorette Party Cake

                                    Anniversary Cake
1st Birthday Lady Bug Cake,Smash Cake & Cookies
DSC 0972
               Anniversary Cake

  Teachers Day Truffles
DSC 0860
       Baby Shower Dessert Table. Cake,Truffles,Candy,Cookies,Cake Pops & Chocolate Covered Pretzels
DSC 0029
Baby Shower Cake                                                                       1st Birthday Mickey Mouse Cake

Anniversary Cake                                                             Mummy Cupcakes
DSC 0183
                    Halloween Cake Pops
DSC 0180
Baby Shower Cake Pops
DSC 1004
               Gumpaste Flowers
DSC 0035
Gumpaste Carnation
DSC 0209
                    Lakers Birthday Cake
DSC 1096
Birthday Cake
DSC 0628
                Computer Graduation Cake
DSC 0419
   Cupcake Bouquet
                          Guitar Cupcake Cake
Birthday Cake

                 Dog Rescue Cake
DSC 0547